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"Equal right for men: At TH Nails, men never have to pay a higher price than women for any services"
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Mani / Pedi
(Must consume on premise)
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Traditional Manicure: Basic Manicure including: Cleanses, Shapes, Cuticle Cares, Hand   Massage and Nails Polish  - $14.00

Fire & Ice Manicure: Using a combination of therapeutic cooling gels and the warmth of massage using a heated stone, your skin will be smoother and your nails will be nourished and polish to perfection - $20.00

Shellac 14 Day No Chip Manicure:
No drying time. No chipping. No smudging. This tough as nails manicure uses a Shellac coating instead of regular polish, resulting in tremendous shine, depth of color and perfect finish. It also provides excellent 14 day wear and comfortable protection. Once the Shellac coating has been applied, you are free to go about your day to flaunt your gorgeous nails - $25.00

Children Manicure (12 and under): Basic manicure for children of 12 and under. Cleanses, Shapes, Cuticle Cares, Hand Massage and Nails Polish - $12.00

Add-on Option for Manicure: Option available for any of the above manicure services
   French - $5.00
   Simple Design: 2 Fingers - $5.00
   Simple Design: 10 Fingers - $10.00
   Complex Design: Quote by Technician


Spa Pedicure: Basic pedicure including: Cleanses, Shapes, Cuticle Cares, Foot Massage, Gel Scrub Exfoliation, Hot Towel Massage and Nails Polish - $25.00

Fire & Ice Pedicure: Your feet and lower legs are soothed with our cooling gels and then warmed with a heated stone massage. This combination of hot and cold, plus aroma therapeutic ingredients promote healthy-looking skin and nails - $30.00

Deluxe Pedicure: This super rejuvenating pedicure will warm your senses and cool your tension. Your lower legs will be exfoliated by using a special mineral salt with Aloe-Vera and Vitamin E. Your feet will be treated with mineral mask, covered by hot towels, then warmth with a heated stone massage with Ceramides Oil. Then continue with Swedish lower legs & feet massage, follow by a warm towel - $35.00

Hydrotherapy Pedicure: This service is designed to provide soothing cold therapy and moist heat therapy for relief of minor muscular and joint aches and pain. The application of cold compress will create Vasoconstriction while the hot water will create Vasodilation to the blood vessels, thus, creating a blood flow. The therapy will help improving the body circulation system - $45.00

Champagne & Red Rose Pedicure: Same as Deluxe Pedicure plus:
1) Mimosa and/or Glass of Champagne with refill privilege
2) 7 to 10 Minutes of Mini Hydrotherapy
3) Additional 10 Minutes of Reflexology Massage

Low Dose Tranquilizer Couple Pedicure: Same as Champagne & Red Rose Pedicure plus:
1) Side by side seating
2) Uncork a new bottle of Premium Champagne
3) Re-cord and take home any left over.
    $150 (Price for 2)

Add-on Option for Pedicure: Additional services that are available for "add-on" to any of the above pedicure services
   French - $5.00
   Simple Design: 2 Big Toes - $5.00
   Simple Design: 10 Toes - $10.00
   Complex Design: Quote by Technician
   Reflexology Massage (15 min) - $15.00
Your Manicure & Pedicure deserve
#1 Lotion from
Bath & Body Works

TH Nails & Day Spa USA
1789 London Bridge Road, Suite 104
Virginia Beach, VA 23453

(Corner of London Bridge Rd & Dam Neck Rd)
(757) 689-0340

805 N. Battlefield Blvd, Suite 105
Chesapeake, VA 23320

(Knells Ridge Shopping Center, Across Chesapeake Medical Center)
(757) 389-5811

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